Memories of Avignon | 6-Month Instalment Plan


Memories of Avignon | 6-Month Instalment Plan

from 236.00 every month for 6 months

The 6-month instalment plan works as a subscription service which allows you to pay for your limited edition print in 6 equal monthly instalments over a period of 6 months. Each month’s instalment payment will be charged automatically to your credit card during the 6 month instalment period. Limited edition prints purchased under the 6 month instalment plan will be shipped to you within two weeks after the second monthly instalment payment has been processed.

Once you have purchased my work via a 6-month instalment plan, you must not under any circumstances cancel your subscription payments during the 6 month period. Also, please ensure that your credit card on file is valid at all times during the 6 month subscription period so that the monthly payments are able to be deducted from your credit card automatically without issue.

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The 12-Month Instalment Plan:

To purchase “Memories of Avignon” on a 12-month instalment plan, please click here.

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