Art Collector Gift Card

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Art Collector Gift Card

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Looking for the perfect gift?

Buy a Troy Schooneman Art Collector Gift Card for that special someone…

Art is a timeless gift that can enrich the life of the recipient for years to come. Not only does it last a lifetime, but it is filled with sentiment that few other objects can rival. Art is also an investment which increases in value over the years. For a truly memorable gift, purchase an Art Collector Gift Card to allow that special someone to choose one or more of Troy Schooneman’s fine art limited edition prints to add to his or her personal art collection.

Purchasing an Art Collector Gift Card creates a unique code that the recipient can enter on the checkout page of this website. The value of the Art Collector Gift Card will then be subtracted from the total value of the order.


All prices shows are all in Australian Dollars (AUD). To convert AUD to other currencies, click here.

Troy Schooneman’s Art Collector Gift Cards are available in a number of different denominations ranging from A$100 to A$3,250. Many of the denominations match the value of the fine art limited edition prints available for purchase on this website.

Art Collector Gift Cards never expire.

Art Collector Gift Cards can only be used for purchases of Troy Schooneman’s work through this website. They are not able to be used for purchases of his work through art galleries or elsewhere.

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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

― Pablo Picasso