Opulent, visionary, and emotionally evocative are just some of the adjectives used to describe the beautiful fine art  portraits of Australian artist Troy Schooneman. 

His intense, melancholy yet highly romantic portraits of young men from ethnically diverse backgrounds are frequently mistaken for paintings rather than contemporary fine art photographs.  Schooneman’s portraits, which are influenced by many of the master painters of the Renaissance, possess a timeless quality and are exquisitely sensual - luminous with rich, saturated colors and infused with an almost surreal painterly quality.  

His portraits take us on a journey beyond mere masculine beauty and allow us a glimpse of the profound elegance created by juxtaposing the strength and physical presence of his young male subjects with the themes of vulnerability, uncertainty, and sadness - emotions that society often demands men hide from public view.  Schooneman has captured this elegance with great subtlety and we are often left transfixed by the seemingly endless contradictions created by his portraits.